10-2011 - 04-2013
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Nuon and a group of 63 farmers unite with the development of an inland wind farm in the Zeewolde Zuidlob. The wind farm provides approximately 88,000 households with green electricity.

Dura Vermeer signs for the construction of the foundations and three roads that are to ensure good accessibility of the wind farm for maintenance work. The foundations, with a diameter of 15.5 metres and a height of approximately 6 metres, are disproportionate in size. The three roads to the wind farm are approximately five kilometres long. A special installation site was built every 400 metres for the cranes that are used to erect the mast and the wind turbines. The short realisation period and working in a rural area complicate the logistics process. This is due to equipment only being able to be transported to and from the wind farm from one side of the wind farm road and it is too narrow for passing. This is why we worked as a ‘train’. The person who has to be at the back arrives first in the morning and also returns last. Therefore, the logistics process is a real challenge. Meeting the deadline requires good cooperation between the parties involved and an integrated approach. 

In the rural area there are 3 lines, each with 12 wind turbines with an axle height of 100 metres. Together they have a capacity of 121.3 Megawatts.

  • Location Zeewolde
  • ClientZuidlob wind


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