04-2008 - 06-2014
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The Coentunnel route in Amsterdam had been a bottleneck for car traffic for many years. As the tunnel was the bottleneck for the traffic, there were long tailbacks on the A8 and A10-West. It is Rijkswaterstaat’s ambition to improve the traffic flow and the accessibility of the northern Randstad and they therefore decided to build a second tunnel next to the existing one. To prevent the bottleneck transferring to the A10-West, the new Westrandweg motorway was built.

The extension of the Coentunnel route is one of the largest infrastructural projects in our country. Rijkswaterstaat put it out to tender as a DBFM contract (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain) with a duration of 30 years. The challenge is that the contractor is not only responsible for the design and the realisation of the tunnel, but also for the finance and maintenance. Dura Vermeer was one of the consortium members to accept the project. It was an extensive task where in a period of six years a second Coentunnel was built, the approach roads with accompanying engineering structures were built and the traffic and tunnel engineering systems were installed. In addition, the first Coentunnel was renovated. The work was carried out in a highly urbanised area and required communications with the surrounding area and safety for the road user.


  • Contract value471.000.000 euro
  • Location Amsterdam
  • ClientRijkswaterstaat


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