Near the city of Leiden

we ensured that ‘tuinstadwijk’ can now last until 2050

06-2013 - 05-2014
Time frame
Housing associations

In the Leiden ‘Tuinstadwijk’, Heembouw and Dura Vermeer, commissioned by the housing association ‘De Sleutels’, completed a special chain collaboration project. Following an intensive period of preparation, the construction firms carried out major maintenance to 252 houses, the main challenge of which was to restore the pre-war ‘Tuinstadwijk’ to its previous splendour. This we achieved. The service life of the houses has been extended with at least 30 years and the modifications required to achieve this were provided housing cost-neutrally to the residents. 

What is special about this project is that the building phases of the contractors were carried out simultaneously. The project went smoothly and was completed within the budget and according to schedule. The residents rate their renovated houses with an 8+.

  • Location Leiden
  • ClientWoningcorporatie De Sleutels


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