Near the city of Nijmegen

we ensured dry feet by creating room for the river waal

10-2012 - 08-2016
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With the Room for the River Waal project, Rijkswaterstaat wants to reduce the risk of flooding by lowering the water level. At the same time, the execution of this measure should benefit the spatial quality of Nijmegen on the river Waal. The project comprises the digging of a secondary channel and thereby the construction of an island in the river Waal that should grow into a unique river park in the centre of Nijmegen, with space for living, recreation, culture and nature.

I-Lent consortium (Dura Vermeer and Ploegam) signs up for the task. To reduce the risk of flooding, the existing dike is moved approximately 350 metres further inland. The dike relocation is combined with the digging of a secondary channel, which results in an island in the river Waal. At high tide, the water in the channel flows with the river. This prevents the water from rising too much. In addition to this work, the consortium is responsible for the construction of three striking bridges (which connect the island with the main land) and a new quay. 

For the extension of the Waalbrug, a bypass is made first to minimise the nuisance for the traffic from and to Nijmegen during the work. The extended Waalbrug is - just like the new Promenadebrug and the Citadelbrug - constructed on land first. Only then is the ground under the bridges dug away. To minimise the nuisance to the surrounding area, transport is done by ship as much as possible and a construction road is built in the construction area.


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