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We applied a sustainable anti-skid layer

06-2012 - 04-2013
Time frame

the extension of the airstrip of groningen airport eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) wanted to extend its 1,800 metre long airstrip to 2,500 metres, thereby making the airport a fully-fledged gateway to the network of European destinations. It is the airport’s ambition to become a Green ‘Sustainable Airport’. In order to achieve this, various measures were taken during construction, such as the reduction of environmental impact and energy and materials consumption, the reduction of CO2 emissions and minimisation of nuisance to the surrounding area during construction.

Building consortium Dura Vermeer - Imtech extended the airstrip from 1,800 to 2,500 metres within a DBFM contract. This means that the building consortium is responsible for the design, build, finance and maintenance of all new infrastructure for a period of ten years. The works were offered for a price which is 30% lower than the ceiling amount of 20 million euros. 

No sand was used as foundation under the asphalt for the airstrip extension, but bottom ash, an incineration by-product. Skypave, a new anti-skid layer to make the surface rough, was especially developed by Dura Vermeer. This makes Groningen Airport Eelde the first airport in the Netherlands to make use of it. To minimise maintenance costs, a CEDD lighting system was installed. This means that the energy supply and data-information between light fittings and cabling is contactless. The required electricity for the work is generated by wind power. The airstrips and field signs are illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights (60% energy saving). A total of 24% CO2 reduction was achieved in comparison with comparable building projects and a 61,302 tonne saving on the use of raw materials.


  • Contract value> 10.000.000
  • Location Groningen


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