04-2013 - 11-2013
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‘De Tuinen van Sion’ project is the first project in the ‘Rijswijk Buiten’ district, which still has to be developed. ‘De Tuinen van Sion’ comprises 26 terraced houses starting in price from € 197,500.00 and 6 semi-detached housed from € 334,500.00. Living in ‘De Tuinen van Sion’ is special. Big houses and gardens, a rural, green area where sustainability is given high priority. 

Extensive sustainability was one of the most important requirements made by the municipality of Rijswijk to the developers, architects and builders of ‘De Tuinen van Sion’. That challenge was met. Every house in ‘De Tuinen van Sion’ has modern climate technologies: a heat pump, a sophisticated ventilation system and solar panels as an extra source of energy. Only high-quality and sustainable materials are used.


The houses in ‘De Tuinen van Sion’ are high-quality and have excellent insulation. This means that not much energy is required to keep the temperature in the houses pleasant all year round. The climate system heats the house in the winter and cools it during the hot summer months. It is therefore nice and comfortable in the house with underfloor heating and underfloor cooling and the residents are assured of hot water. 


A heat pump has been installed in the houses. A heat pump can be compared with a CH boiler and ensures a pleasant temperature and hot water. Instead of using gas, the heat pump extracts heat from the ground. This heat is used to bring the underfloor heating to the right temperature and it also heats the domestic hot water. The climate system ensures an even heat all day and night. The heat pump automatically selects to heat or cool, depending on the set temperature.

  • Location Rijswijk
  • ClientMunicipality of Rijswijk


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