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Broekman now loads and unloads ships on a RoRo platform

12-2014 - 04-2015
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Construction of a Roll-on Roll-off platform

When logistics service provider Broekman Logistics signed the contract with a Norwegian firm and this way started the service line from and to Norway, a need arose for an extension with a Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) platform. Such a platform makes it possible to load and unload with special ships without having to hoist the loads. The load is rolled on and off board and is moved to the quay by means of the platform. 

There was some urgency, because when the contract was finalised, the first ship had already been scheduled. Broekman was looking for a major, serious player and called Dura Vermeer to see whether they could go round the next day to help with the thinking process. Together we managed to respond quickly. When the sketches were finished, we could rapidly start building. Due to the severe time pressure, much use was made of prefab elements. First, 35-metre pipe piles were installed in the water. These were reinforced and then filled with concrete. We used a floating sheerlegs to position the prefab concrete elements. Then concrete slabs were laid and the floor was poured. The RoRo platform was completed before the first ship was scheduled.

Working in the middle of a sea port does require some coordination. Ships depart and arrive all day long, both at Broekman and other companies. The tide also has to be taken into account. Sometimes the water level varies by no less than two metres. Together with other extensions on the site, the RoRo platform results in a capacity increase of 25%. The construction of the platform and other works are linked, which requires logistical coordination. 

  • Contract value2.000.000 euro
  • Location Rotterdam
  • ClientBroekman logistics


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