In the field of non-residential building, Dura Vermeer rapidly reached maturity during the post-war reconstruction of Rotterdam. This, for example, was the time that we built the iconic 'Groot Handelsgebouw'. The complex question we asked ourselves at the time, still applies. 

What is the expiry date of a non-residential building and how do you keep it attractive and cost-effective for developers, investors and users? 

This is a complex question. The answer is complex, but in a way it is also simple. Build with a vision and build smartly with the available budget and without waste. Our LEAN and BIM methods are geared to it.

Experience shows that it is important to choose the right partners (chain collaboration, co-creation) who perfectly coordinate work and knowledge. This means that everyone contributes to gaining insights that play a role in sustainability and making a building profitable.

Looking for the right partner? We are interested.
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Products and services

  • New buildings
  • Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • School buildings
  • Healthcare-related property

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