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Dura Vermeer goes far in infrastructure. We already proved that in 1967 when we completed the A12 motorway more than 10 months before the scheduled completion date. Our approach, innovative spirit and mentality are what still sets us apart.

Nowadays, infrastructure is considerably more complex, as a result of which projects often go differently than planned. You no longer speak of roads and engineering structures, but of mobility solutions. About ways to make the Netherlands accessible, safe and sustainable. Our integral project approach allows for the necessary flexibility to meet expectations or even surpass them.

Dura Vermeer is a one-stop-shop which gears knowledge and activities to each other perfectly. This way, we make it easy for you and rapidly deliver a complete mobility solution. With attention to the environment and a safe flow with a minimum of nuisance. 

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Products and services

  • Asphalt and pavings: Site preparation (for construction and habitation), Ground work, Roads.
  • Industrial estates: Industrial track, Soil remediation, Site preparation (for construction and habitation), Plants, Site layout, Wind farms.
    Soil: Soil remediation, Remediation advice, Secondary building materials.
  • Engineering structures: Aqueducts, Bridges, Wildlife crossings, Noise barriers, Multi-storey car parks, Tunnels, Viaducts, Flyovers.
  • Underground Infrastructure: Drilling, Distribution networks, Cables and pipes, Petrochemical stations, Heating and cooling networks. 
  • Layout of the public space: Area development, Underground waste transport system. 
  • Recycling: Mobile destruction, Recycling plant, Secondary building materials. 
  • Track: Industrial track, Overhead wires and supporting structures, Energy supply, Heavy rail and light rail, Train protection. 
  • Water: Building projects on water, Water management.

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