how we create space for development

Dura Vermeer is at home in industrial construction where building expertise and infrastructure expertise meet. With 160 years of experience we create scope for development and innovation. This is translated into solid foundation structures, civil engineering and architectural structures, infrastructure technologies above and underground, asphalting and cooling water systems, etc.

Industrial construction is a profession in itself, where deadlines, complexity, regulations and safety can hinder continuity and business processes quite a bit. If you want to guarantee the progress and completion agreed upon, you have to integrate activities in a well thought-out manner. Here lies the strength of Dura Vermeer.

Our clients value our integrated approach. They frequently experience how difficult it can be to collaborate with various parties. Dura Vermeer can turn its hand to anything and offers one point of contact. This ensures a better overview and supervision and promotes the continuity of business processes. 

Our integrated approach also translates into work safety. Dura Vermeer complies with all the directives. We have all the certificates and a track record that speaks for itself.

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Products and services

  • Advisory and engineering services
  • Industrial track
  • Soil remediation
  • Emergency water supply pipes
  • Foundations
  • Cables and pipes
  • Crane tracks
  • Laser scanning
  • PGS-29
  • Plants
  • Filling and treatment stations
  • Site layout
  • Jacking up storage tanks
  • Wind farms

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